I'm a PhD student (she/her) in the UC Berkeley School of Information where I am advised by Dr. Jenna Burrell and Dr. Niloufar Salehi . I'm broadly interested in stratification within sociotechnical systems and in investigating the role of alternative epistemological paradigms in imagining safer and more humane data practices. My research currently focuses on how the personal data economy, specifically online-behavioral targeting, impacts identity formation and the quality of life for individuals with stigmatized health identities. I use a mixed methods approach, which for me, is in service of my goal of turning theory into practice. Previously, I worked as a technologist within the AdTech industry. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Environmental Policy from Barnard College in 2018.

At Berkeley, I am affiliated with the Algorithmic Fairness and Opacity Group , the Center for Technology, Policy and Society and the Center for Science, Technology, Medicine & Society . My research is generously being supported by the Eugene Cota-Robles Fellowship and the Center For Long-Term Cybersecurity .